Judy Cook

Judy Cook

Judy Cook

Judy Cook

Judy lifts the spirit and entertains with splendid traditional ballads and songs from a large and varied Anglo-American repertoire. Her clear and engaging unaccompanied presentation combines with her joy of singing to delight all listeners.

Lou Killen

Judy Cook is one of the finest exponents of ballad singing that the current American folk music revival has produced. Her depth of understanding and story-telling ability in ballad form is rivaled only by her dedication to the music and her willingness to do her research. But all that aside – I’d go and listen to her anytime and anywhere.

Sara Grey

There are, perhaps, few singers that share my joy and love of singing unaccompanied ballads and songs. Judy Cook is certainly one of them. She does it with honesty, warmth and understanding of the song. Right up front with no affectation she just opens up and tells the story.

Peggy Seeger

Judy’s the Real Thing. With Capital Letters.

Cindy Mangsen

I’m always delighted when Judy and I cross paths, because I know I’ll hear some little gems of songs I’ve never heard before, brought to life by someone who clearly loves finding them, singing them, and sharing them.

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