Rosier (formerly known as Les Poules à Colin)

Rosier, the new name of Les Poules à Colin

Raised behind the scenes at folk festivals, learning their craft at kitchen parties amongst some of Quebec’s finest trad musicians – which included their parents – in a region famous for its living heritage.

Despite their young age, Rosier have been playing together for over nine years and it shows in their sparkling complicity. The group has a strong stage presence and demonstrates a contagious pleasure in each and every performance, drawing the audience to them. The group has already performed in major cities and small towns in Canada, the US, Europe, the UK and Australia, and Africa, amassing a wealth of impressive experience in a short time.

The group’s sound is a seamless blend of their strong folk upbringing and North American influences that range from old-time to jazz, with some provocative and moody effects. Their repertoire is a mix of original and traditional pieces, primarily in French but with some English compositions, and reveals gorgeous vocal, instrumental and rhythmic prowess. Their adaptations of traditional songs from Quebec, Brittany or Louisiana speak eloquently to their generation while retaining the beauty of timeless music. Fiddle, guitar, lapsteel, banjo, mandolin, piano, bass and foot percussion form a rich and varied backdrop for their inventive arrangements. Rosier reveal a unique and modern perspective on traditional Québec culture.

In 2017, after a nine-week tour of Australia (Port Fairy, The National, The Blue Mountains and Fairbridge folk fest, among others), tours to Sweden, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK and their participation in the Games of La Francophonie in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, the group presents its new album MOROSE , which is inspired by the raw and pure aspect of Quebec musical traditions while combining contemporary sounds animated by energy, desires and the angst of our modern society.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Get ready world, this group is already really, really good and on its way to greatness.

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