A joyous shout of instrumental virtuosity, a tight rhythm section, four horns and of course the unique style that Amy Kakoura brings. Exciting, heart stoppingly beautiful, majestic, powerful, playful, funny and always entertaining. Not to be missed.

Steamchicken is Ted Crum (harmonica-Peeping Tom, Somerville Gents) and his sons, Matt (sop sax-Demon Barber XL) and Joe (drums), with Tim Yates (bass-Sweet Visitor Band, Blackbeard’s Tea Party, Shake the Chains, Albion Band), the latter three being ex-the QP. Katy Oliver (trumpet-Just Say Nay) was found in a pub.

Like Ted, Mandy Sutton (tenor sax) is a refugee from Chinewrde Morris, as is her husband, playwright and co-founder Andrew Sharpe (keys), who met Amy Kakoura (vocals) when they co-wrote the musical Songs from a Ledge featuring music therapist Becky Eden Green (clarinet, alto sax, BVs-Brightside Music) who was at Uni with Matt and played in Sciorr Staged with Matt, Tim and Joe.

Ted Crum: Harmonica, Bass, Melodeon
Andrew Sharpe: Piano
Joe Crum: Percussion
Mandy Sutton: Tenor Sax
Becky Eden-Green: Alto Sax, Bass
Katy Oliver: Trumpet
Matt Crum: Soprano Sax, Melodeon
Tim Yates: Bass
Amy Kakoura: Vocals

Ian Croft



…folk, jazz, blues, soul…combine seamlessly into a coherent sound… soulful, haunting … outstanding vocals.

Julian Cole



…vibrant and ebullient…is this folk? Find a better question.

David Chamberlain


…a joyful listening experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step…deserves the widest possible audience. If more people listened to Steamchicken, the world would be a much better place.

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