Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer

Vicki Swan and Johnny Dyer

Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer have developed a strong reputation for a delivering great performances time and time again. Once known mainly for for their instrumental skills with Scottish smallpipes, accordion and Swedish nyckelharpa, they are now being accepted as impressive song arrangers and writers.Vicki and Jonny effortlessly blend traditional material with contemporary interpretations whilst equally creating original self penned tunes and songs that are entirely at home in the tradition. Out of this combination they have developed a sound that is both familiar and fresh.

Vicki Swan – nyckelharpa, vocals, flute, assorted bagpipes

Vicki studied at the Royal College of Music on the double bass. She also plays the various types of bagpipes, flute, recorder, piano and nyckelharpa (Swedish keyed
-fiddle).  On leaving music college Vicki started down the long path of folk music and was only seen on rare glimpses back in classical orchestras. You’ll find Vicki now inhabiting the troll ridden forests playing her Swedish bagpipes, bagging tunes for new books. Vicki holds the Zorn Bronze Award for the traditional playing of Swedish bagpipes and runs workshops and teaches the nyckelharpa around the UK.

Vicki plays a variety of different sized nyckelharpas made by Sören Åkher,  Olle Plahn, and Annette Osann with a bow by Jean-Claude Condi. Scottish smallpipes by Hamish Moore, wooden flute by George Ormiston, a Kerry Low F Whistle, a Jaquet Gande French double bass, a Bassix electric upright double bass, a Jean-Pierre Yvert Swedish willow flute, a cittra, border pipes by Jon Swayne and Swedish bagpipes by Alban Faust.

Jonny Dyer – guitars, accordion, cowhorn, harpsichords

Composer and competition-winning guitar player; Jonny’s outstanding technical ability, coupled with a wide-ranging musical taste has made him a tireless and forceful musical innovator. Jonny has been singing and playing choral music, soul, jazz and folk for as long as he can remember.

Jonny mostly plays his Fylde Falstaff guitar; his Taylor GA3 guitar and a custom gandola  (guitar shaped octave mandola) by Rob Armstrong; his sazouki (saz/bouzouki cross) made by Colin Kendal. He also plays a Pigini 72 bass P36 and a Brandoni Piccolo accordion. Oh.. and a Börs Anders Cow Horn. Occasionally he gets out enough to play his 1959 Morley Spinet and digital harpsichord.  Especially for Playford things.

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